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Simple Mini-Pavlovas

Happy Australia day! Yeah, I know I am horribly late, but as usual my eclectic life got the best of me and I am now writing what I was suppose to a few days ago… Nevertheless, Australia day is a big deal here, everybody celebrates one way or another, and goes to parks with their…

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Easy Bruschetta

Half appetiser, half main dish, half “cicchetto“, bruschetta is a dish you can easily prepare with very few basic ingredients that you have at home. The success of a good bruschetta is of course the quality of the bread you use. I would recommend a good sourdough or homemade bread like the one I made here for…

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Prawns “Al Bacio”

Any time is a good time for a sexi/romantic/ super easy recipe. “Al Bacio” means roughly “To perfection” in Italian, but bacio means kiss. After all, I am Italian, and even if I am far far away, romanticism is written in my DNA. Well… sort of. Let’s say it is. This dish in particular reminds me of…

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