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Simple Mini-Pavlovas

Happy Australia day! Yeah, I know I am horribly late, but as usual my eclectic life got the best of me and I am now writing what I was suppose to a few days ago… Nevertheless, Australia day is a big deal here, everybody celebrates one way or another, and goes to parks with their…

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Classic Pancakes

I know holidays are over and we should all be on a diet and eat healthy food, possibly sugar free, but technically in Italy today concludes the celebrations, so I guess I am still on time for some treats… If you think I jump around seasons and times according to what I need, well guys, you…

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Cherry and Nectarine Cake

Aloha! I am not quite sure on how to start this post… I was thinking to sing “So this is Xmas, and what have you done…” but it reminded me of nice but sad ol’ times, so I decided to go with this line from John Wick “I am thinking I am back!”. The difference…

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