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Sweet peas, blue cheese and bacon tarte

You know…I’ve always lived in the same town (with occasional trips around Europe) for 30 years, I knew many people and thought the rest of the world was pretty much the same (at least in western countries). I was oblivious and gave many thing for granted. I had this thirst for travelling and discovering new…

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Gozleme Bread

I am a simple woman. Well that is not technically correct…. I am a complicated and multifaceted person who loves simple food. My favourite foods are generally tasty but uncomplicated. When I arrived in Sydney, my exposure to international food was very limited: moussaka and sushi were probably the most ethnic dished I had while in…

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Easy Bruschetta

Half appetiser, half main dish, half “cicchetto“, bruschetta is a dish you can easily prepare with very few basic ingredients that you have at home. The success of a good bruschetta is of course the quality of the bread you use. I would recommend a good sourdough or homemade bread like the one I made here for…

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